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About The Unlikely Plan

 The Unlikely Plan

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Game(s) : Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Guild Name: NAMELESS VETERANS [NV]

Server : Aurora Glade




We are a friendly, helpful guild full of experienced gamers, most with over 10 years of gaming experience.


We are here to have fun and enjoy the game and everything it offers.
If you want to find out a little more background information about us;  Please read our guild information by clicking here!

Guild Newcomers Guidelines

In order to become a regular guild member and to get the access to all of our guild features, potential applicants are required to do the following:

     1)  Create a new guild launch account if you don't already have one.

2)  Make yourself aware of our terms and conditions. (See below)

3)  Should you accept those terms and conditions then go ahead and Apply to Guild

Within a couple of days (hopefully), you will receive an ingame message from an officer.  Should your application be accepted you will be invited to the guild ingame, and then given forum access.


See you on the battlefield.
The Unlikely Team


Treat your allies appropriately. Personal attacks/Harassment against guildmates or server allies will not be tolerated.

Incendiary/Troll posts on public forums are frowned upon. Realise that your posts and attitude reflect on our community, regardless of your intentions.

Cheating/Hacking is strictly prohibited.

Ability to have fun while at the same time being competitive is vital.



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